Before contacting us, please take time to read the following FAQ

1. Origin of stock and Product Queries
2. Delivery Times
3. Payment Options
4. Returns
5. Warranties
6. Cancellations
7. Banned Imports
8. Why are some items so cheap
9. Why are some items so expensive
10. I need my item quicker than your quoted delivery time
11. I need something not listed on your site
12. Contact Details

1. Origin of stock / Product Queries

All stock is sourced from the US or the UK. Pricing displayed on the website is the final imported price including all insurance, import duties and taxes, VAT, clearance fee's, shipping from the USA and any other applicable fee's. The only cost not included is local shipping, which is quoted during the checkout process.

For pre or post sales technical advice and product queries, it's always best to contact the manufacturer directly. Nobody knows products better than the manufacturer, and with tens of millions of products listed on our website it's no surprise they can usually answer queries much more quickly than us.

Please do take note though that stock is imported from the USA or UK specifically for you. The item is thus intended for use in that respective country. We clearly mark the country of origin for all of our products. The following important information is pertinent for usage of these items in S.A.

WATCHES AND CLOCKS from the USA & Canada with power supplies may not work properly in South Africa due to Eskom using a 50 Hz frequency.

USA SOURCED TV, DVD, CAMCORDER, VIDEO, TV and CONSOLE GAMES are usually designed for the NTSC, DVD Region 1 or Bluray Region A standard, please ensure your appliance supports this. EUROPEAN SOURCED DVD/GAMES etc are generally supported in SA.

ANALOGUE TV TUNERS, from the USA will not work in South Africa,

DIGITAL TV TUNERS, South Africa is currently switching over to digital broadcasts, the standards have not been confirmed yet, however DVB-T broadcasts are available in very limited areas.

RADIO's, the USA uses a slightly different range between frequencies, please confirm with the manufacturer as to the supported frequencies.

GPS, TRACKING and LOCATION DEVICES may not have maps installed for our region, and may not have the required software/hardware to work correctly in our region.

2. Delivery Times

Delivery times and costs are stated on the relevant product pages. For security reasons, we DO NOT have a collection option - all orders need to be shipped.

All orders are delivered subject to availability, and NO STOCK is kept on our premesis. Once your order is confirmed and paid for we source the item for you, and as the majority of goods come from the USA, most items are delivered in approximately 10 - 20 working days. A delivery estimate is provided for most items in stock on our product pages. This delivery estimate is provided for indication purposes only and is based on our previous order experience.

We will never cause any delay to the shipment of your order, and have a team dedicated to keep things moving quickly and we will always keep you up to date on your order status. Customs amounts to our biggest delays, and although some shipments clear before the goods have even landed in SA, the majority take up to 3 business days and a very very small percentage are stopped for Customs inspections which can take up to 15 working days. In these cases we do push to clear the consignment ASAP and will keep you updated via e-mail.

3. Payment Options

We accept EFT and Direct Deposit Payments, Credit Cards (Mastercard and Visa) and well as select Debit Card Payments in ZAR (Rands). We do not accept COD, all orders need to be paid for in full before we import the item for you.

4. Returns

We only order and ship brand new items, likewise we cannot take goods back "into stock" from customers, this saves future customers money as stock sitting on shelves impacts our cash flow, and is a cost most companies transfer to the customer. It also ensures customers receive only brand new sealed items. USA origin goods can be returned, but have to get back to the USA within 30 days of your original order date. The store will only refund the value of the item while all other costs including shipping, VAT, duties and our service fees are non refundable. You will also need to pay to send the goods back to America/UK. This return is usually very expensive and results in a refund value far less than what is originally paid, and in your interest is discouraged.

Opened, used and damaged goods and goods of a personal nature (jewellery, clothing etc) cannot be returned.

5. Warranties

Our import items are purchased abroad for you at your request and delivered to your door on a parallel import basis for your convenience. The authorised South African distributor of these products is under no obligation to honour the manufacturer's guarantees/warranties or to provide after sales service.

When your order is delivered, it is important to check the contents of the shipment to make sure that the right items have been received, everything is included and that the items have suffered no damage. If items are damaged or missing please indicate this on the courier waybill and ensure you keep your copy safe. Please notify us within 24hrs of delivery so that we can file a claim with the courier.

We do everything possible to ensure that you receive the items you order in perfect condition. Measures include purchasing from only reputable stores, sufficient packaging, and as a policy, we take no returns back into stock, thus ensuring goods sent to you are brand new items.

However despite our best efforts in extremely rare instances goods are sent from the factory with a fault. All manufacturers will from time to time have the odd mistake, and no company can guarantee a 100% perfection rate, nor can any store supplying goods. Should this occur with your order we ask that you give the manufacturer the opportunity rectify the problem by sending a replacement to you. Most items will need to be sent back to origin to qualify, and although we know and understand that the fault is not yours, you will need to pay the cost back to origin. Likewise the fault is not that of All For Women but to keep things fair we will carry the cost back to South Africa and onward to your door as well as the customs/duty and VAT costs for re-importation. This means we will basically go 50/50 on the costs of replacing the item.

If the item develops a fault during the warranty period, the customer would need to cover the costs of returning the unit to the USA, and All For Women will cover the costs of re-importing and delivering the replacement. In these cases we will provide you with the return shipping address (in the USA). All For Women will though, assist with sending the unit back to the USA if you are unsure how to go about it and bill you for the shipping charges accordingly. Current shipping costs are roughly R100 per pound.

6. Cancellations

When an order is cancelled or returned for credit, only the value of the item can be credited. As part of our no hidden costs policy please remember for ease of use and transparency all pricing indicated on site includes the cost of the item, all freight charges, all taxes, shipping insurance, customs agents fees, and our service fees. Thus when you request a credit your order will be credited as follows:

- Before the order is placed from the supplier: Full refund as no service levied yet.

- Once the item is ordered from the supplier: The cost of the item is refunded only, but the following portions built into the price of the item are not credited:

Shipping to our regional office (typically $5-$20 weight dependent)
Shipping to our South Africa office (R100 per lbs or part thereof)
Import duties (0% - 50% commodity dependent)
Customs agents fee (R100)
Shipping insurance (2% of value)
All return costs to return the item back to store abroad (R100 per lbs or part thereof)

7. Banned Imports

Please also note that certain items cannot be imported, these include Alcohol, Animals, Flammable Materials, Currency, Food, Furs, Chemicals, Explosives, Medications, Supplements, Pressurized Cans, Tactical Equipment, Vitamins, Weaponry and Weaponry Accessories. In these cases, the item and information is displayed for reference purposes only, and if an order is placed it would need to be cancelled. If you are not sure if we are permitted to bring an item, please send us an e-mail with a link to the item to confirm.

8. Why are you so cheap?

NGR Computers has been in business since 2003, and has grown to become one of the top 3 Online Computer Hardware stores in SA. With an existing logistics and processing system in place, NGR Computers has merely expanded their store presence to include imported items. In addition, we source the best pricing possible from the USA, and have a sophisticated sorting system to display our products. The pricing on the website is the final price, including all VAT/Duties and all applicable fee's when bringing in items from the USA. This means that the price you see on the website, is the price you pay.

9. Why are some of your items so expensive

Pricing for our products come from a direct feed from the USA, and are determined by USA sellers. Please note that our pricing includes all VAT/Duties/Customs Clearance Fee's and Shipping costs from the USA and pricing does change on a day to day basis. Insurance and a number of other costs still need to be added when importing from the USA. This does unfortunately mean that sometimes items can be manufactured/sourced cheaper locally, but the purpose of our store is to source the more difficult to find/out of stock locally items, which more often than not will work out much cheaper if importing through us.

10. I need my order quicker than the quoted delivery time

When opening in 2003, our motto (which is also plastered around our offices) is "Always under-promise, and over deliver". This is one of the main reasons why NGR Computers has been so successful. Delivery times for All For Women are roughly 10-20 working days. In real life, most items are delivered in around 7 working days. We do not quote this as there are too many factors out of our control. 1. The USA supplying store may take long to ship. 2. Couriers in the USA may be delayed for some reason. 3. Couriers from USA to SA may be delayed. 4. The most important, and main result of delays : Customs. Customs clearance times is unfortunately out of our control. Some items clear before they even land in SA, some are held for inspection for up to 15 days. We do though, have a dedicated team working with customs, and we do our best to clear parcels as quickly as possible. For this reason, we quote 10-20 working days to be safe.

11. I need something not listed on your site

Sure thing, that is exactly what we are here for. We charge a 10% handling fee for special import items. Send us a link to the item, we will work out the shipping/import and duties costs, and quote you accordingly.

12. Contact Details

Instead of multiple e-mail addresses, we have a "Ask Once" policy. Please feel free to send all queries to:


If your query relates to one of our products, please include a link/product code with your query. With millions of products on sale, we would just like to ensure we are referring to the correct item when responding to you.

Business hours: 08h30 to 17h00 weekdays
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